About us


The history of the company since 1986 in Kiev, USSR (now Kyiv, UKRAINE).
  This year Volodymyr Pivtorak made two models - ZIM (GAZ-12) and GAZ-20 Pobeda in 1/43 scale.

  Basically, these models were sold in the Moscow club of collectors. 
  Also in the 80s, models Moskvich-401 (Opel Kadett) and ZIS-101 Sport were made.
  In 1989 V.Pivtorak went to Prague (Czechoslovakia) to the modelcars market.
  There he met many European collectors and modelcar dealers. For example, Mr. Johann Stegny (autoshow.at)  from Austria. V.Pivtorak also met Mr. Küfner, who wrote articles for MODELL FAHRZEUG magazine.Collaboration began with dealers from Germany. For them were made model ZIS-101A, GAZ-21 and GAZ-22 Volga, ZAZ-1102 Tavria.
  In 1991 V.Pivtorak acquaintance with Mr. Johann Boyer (aam-boyer.de) cooperation which lasted for about 10 years.
For him were made such models : Horch 670, DKW F5, F8, Audi 100, 200, Rosemeyer and many others. 
  Later there was an acquaintance with Mr. Robert Budig (modellautos-budig.de), for whom many models were also made, for example, Ford Granada, MB Autobahnkurier. 
  In the early 2000s, we have worked with the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center (Stuttgart, Germany) through the Vertex company. Made models - MB 540K Luxus Roadster, MB SSK, Blitzen Benz.
  For the Porsche Museum (Stuttgart, Germany) were made : Austro-Daimler Sasha, Porsche 356 No 1 Roadster, 356 America Roadster, 356 Speedster , 356B Carrera GTL-Abarth and others.
  Also, through the Vertex company for Mr. Alderman, a customer from the USA, we made the model Brooke Swan Car.
  The current activity of the company is focused on the classic cars models. These are mainly Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti, Duisenberg and Alfa Romeo models. 
  We produce and sell models both individually and made to order for B&G (USA), ER-model (Russia), PB-scalemodels (USA). 
  Bugatti T41 Royale prototype Packard châssis n ° 41100 model made by order Mr. Yves Evrat (MAFMA) from France.
  Our task when creating models is the maximum copy quality in geometry and detailing. Body models are made of resin, sometimes of white metal. Small metal parts of the models are produced by the method of jewelry casting, photo-etched and machined on a lathe.
Coloring is similar to the technology of painting real cars: puttying, priming, grinding, applying base paint, varnishing and polishing. A miniaturist painter paints small details.
  50-60 models per month are produced. Eight people work constantly. The basic structure of workers has 20 years of the experience.